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Northeast Harbor Lobstering…..

It looks like fun….but maybe I would rather be a bag designer! Especially after the scary adventure the one fisherman had!

We spent a day at the coast in search of more of those wonderful female boutiques that make you want to spend all the money that you ever got your fingers on! But not only did we find some…(more on that later), we also found some lobstermen that came in from the deep, blue sea! And we watched them unload their day’s catch! Fresh lobster and crab straight off the boat! And, OH MY!!!, the children thought it was fun! The kind driver of the truck that was about to haul them to Trenton Lobster Pound, pulled some out for the kiddos to touch. He also gave a few details on them and told us that the biggest crab was strong enough to break a finger!

And back to the adventure that leaves me feeling lucky to be a designer!…… The one guy was talking about his accidental swim in the deep blue water spoken of earlier. But this was not a warm day leisurely swim we speak of! His boot got hooked in the rope they were using and he was drug into the cold Atlantic waters! After struggling out of his boot and with the kind help of his fellow sailors that had circled back; he was there to speak of his thankfulness to be alive! Wanna stick to your day job?????? 🙂
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Ellie Purse -NEW-

IMG_0664 - Copy (683x1024) IMG_3281 IMG_3283The all new Ellie Purse! Comparable in size to the Ana Purse and the Lily Purse. It two pockets outside and three inside with one being a zippered one. Exterior is genuine leather with a coordinating interior. Check out the other colors under the leather bags tab!


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Products for the holidays!

We have had a wonderful year and our product stock is lower than it’s been for a while, so we wanted to let you all know that if you have something you would like for your holiday gift list feel free to contact us and we would love to help you! We have lots of materials in stock and we will do special orders! We will do what we can as we get closer to Christmas to make sure you have what you need but would recommend you contact us sooner rather than later! Thanks to all who have made our year a success!

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New Bags and New Craft Shows!

Check out the new bags! New leather and cloth are now on the website! And new crafts shows too! We have a short break between shows here and then we will be busy this fall! I am working at more new bags, so come by one of the next shows to see them or if you aren’t from the area you will see them online at some point! I am planning to do some more leather colors soon! Also I am working on a new design for leather so hopefully I’ll have time to get some of those out before the holidays! In the meantime if you have questions you can contact me and I’ll do my best to help you!

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The new thing!…….LEATHER!!!!!

We are excited to announce that we now have leather bags. They are the same design as the Callee Bags but with a full leather outer. They are soft and and gorgeous! The more I sew them the more addicted I”m becoming! We will be getting more colors in a bit so if you have any specific color you are looking for let us know.IMG_9203

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Etsy too!!!!!

We now have an etsy shop established for your convenience also! Tell all your friends and neighbors!!!! And…. keep coming back to see the new things we will be posting including our newest design Callee!

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Exciting new things happening!

I hope you are all ready for some big new changes! We now have engraved metal tags on all the bags with our logo on so if you like metal you will be delighted. I love the new look of them and am excited to see what you have to say!

Also new for our zipper fans is two new designs. We have Chloe which is small with one adjustable handle, gorgeous metal rings and two outside pockets. Of course it also has that great metal logo on the front. The top has a zipper and the inside has four pockets and a removeable firm bottom. Check them out on our product page!

And coming soon is Callee! Also having a zipper it is a very modern design with large rings in the handles and two outside end pockets. Inside is six pockets and also the removeable firm bottom. I will be posting those over the next weeks so stop back to see them soon!

Also don’t forget to check out the craft shows pages for 2014 and come see us at one of the fun shows this year! And thanks to all you for the great 2013!

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New products!!!

Check it out! New for this spring and they are great. I have been using a lily bag for a little now and I love it. The great thing is that you can get a bunch of different flowers and have colors to go with everything because the flowers are pins. I’ll be posting them also. I have 15 different colors to choose from and some of the bags you could use any one of them. If you need help with choosing flower colors to coordinaye with the bag you choose just drop me a line or call me and I would be glad to give you my opinion.


Craft shows are in full swing, check out the dates and come see us there. You will save the price of shipping and get to see them all.