It looks like fun….but maybe I would rather be a bag designer! Especially after the scary adventure the one fisherman had!

We spent a day at the coast in search of more of those wonderful female boutiques that make you want to spend all the money that you ever got your fingers on! But not only did we find some…(more on that later), we also found some lobstermen that came in from the deep, blue sea! And we watched them unload their day’s catch! Fresh lobster and crab straight off the boat! And, OH MY!!!, the children thought it was fun! The kind driver of the truck that was about to haul them to Trenton Lobster Pound, pulled some out for the kiddos to touch. He also gave a few details on them and told us that the biggest crab was strong enough to break a finger!

And back to the adventure that leaves me feeling lucky to be a designer!…… The one guy was talking about his accidental swim in the deep blue water spoken of earlier. But this was not a warm day leisurely swim we speak of! His boot got hooked in the rope they were using and he was drug into the cold Atlantic waters! After struggling out of his boot and with the kind help of his fellow sailors that had circled back; he was there to speak of his thankfulness to be alive! Wanna stick to your day job?????? 🙂
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