I hope you are all ready for some big new changes! We now have engraved metal tags on all the bags with our logo on so if you like metal you will be delighted. I love the new look of them and am excited to see what you have to say!

Also new for our zipper fans is two new designs. We have Chloe which is small with one adjustable handle, gorgeous metal rings and two outside pockets. Of course it also has that great metal logo on the front. The top has a zipper and the inside has four pockets and a removeable firm bottom. Check them out on our product page!

And coming soon is Callee! Also having a zipper it is a very modern design with large rings in the handles and two outside end pockets. Inside is six pockets and also the removeable firm bottom. I will be posting those over the next weeks so stop back to see them soon!

Also don’t forget to check out the craft shows pages for 2014 and come see us at one of the fun shows this year! And thanks to all you for the great 2013!