Hello All,

Welcome to janellbags.com. After lots of time and effort we are finally up and going. It will take a while to organize everything so please excuse any issues you may find. We are excited to be open for business and to give everyone an opportunity to purchase our bags anytime instead of just at craft shows. I am just starting into a commercial machine and the benefit to that will be heavier thread and the ability to sew thicker layers. Yeeaa to all who like the sturdy bags. I am working on a new design right now and as we get closer to spring you will find them appearing on the site! I like the sound of approaching spring and was inspired to design a bag that will do well with summer styles. I can’t wait to show it to you!! I also just purchased a huge amount of new fabrics in new print so you will also see some of that soon. As soon as I can get this finished and have a little time to sew I’ll add them here also. But, finding time to sew isn’t always easy with my three little ones. Erika is starting to read some words on her own and Caleb is having lots of fun with his train set he received for Christmas. Alani is just turning 1 and she is almost walking. She is a but grumpy lately with all the teeth that are pushing. But we are enjoying each other and I am looking forward to being able to get back to my machine!! I will post on the blog occasionally to keep you updated and let you know of any new things going on. But if you have any questions just go to the contact page and let me know whats on your mind. Blessings Janell